Which devices are Nuvo-Tek products compatible with?

Nuvo-Tek compatible ereader netbook

So which devices are compatible with Nuvo-Tek cases and sleeves?  Well, it’s a long list.  The best way to check the listing and check the detailed information provided, especially the dimensions.  Most of our products are designed with specific sizes that provide the best fit for a wide range of products.   Plus the fact that most of our products are made from neoprene, allows for just a touch more flexibility on the dimensions to make sure your device is secure in a snug fit.

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3 Responses to “Which devices are Nuvo-Tek products compatible with?”

  1. Cheap says:

    I have the Coby Kyros MID7015 can install KINDLE app
    Thank you for great blog.

  2. Jeff says:

    Just got the Nuvo Tek case for the “new” Nook B&W e-reader, the spring 2011 model. The case is a perfect fit and a worthwhile purchase to protect my e-reader. Good job. Good value.

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