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Nuvo-Tek value cases

Nuvo-Tek value case

Nuvo-Tek products are made overseas from high-quality products with a goal to provide value to our customers.  Rest assured that our products will fit your device correctly and provide protection for your device against bumps and scrapes, allowing your device to look better for much longer period of time.  You invested a significant amount of money on your device, so why not spend a few dollars more to protect your investment.

 All our products are:

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Reversible
  • Washable
  • Lightweight

Check out the rest of the site and browse through the various cases & sleeves we have to offer.

Which devices are Nuvo-Tek products compatible with?

Nuvo-Tek compatible ereader netbook

So which devices are compatible with Nuvo-Tek cases and sleeves?  Well, it’s a long list.  The best way to check the listing and check the detailed information provided, especially the dimensions.  Most of our products are designed with specific sizes that provide the best fit for a wide range of products.   Plus the fact that most of our products are made from neoprene, allows for just a touch more flexibility on the dimensions to make sure your device is secure in a snug fit.

Advantages of using netbooks sleeves

You just spent quite a few bucks to purchase your new netbook, so should you spend an additional $10 to  protect your new investment?  Well, 90% of consumers purchase a sleeve or case within 30 days after purchasing a netbook or similar device.   The reason for this is that most consumers realize the value that a sleeve offers as far as protection and convenience.

Sleeves offer great protection against bumps and scrapes which allows your netbook to looking “”new” for a lot longer.  Plus sleeves allow you to get a better grip on your device which minimizes the risk of it slipping through your fingers and head for the floor.   Neoprene sleeves offer additional benefits such as being water resistant, something than can be a life saver if you happen to accidentally spill coffee on your unit.

Take a minute and look at the Nuvo-Tek sleeves here which offer protection at a great value!

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